In this section, you will find some cool & free to download softwares developed by Hyper Solutions.

Listed below are some of the programs from Hyper Solutions you could be interested in...

HS Virtual Piano 1.3

Converts your computer keyboard to piano with this little software.

It has 36 keys, 12 drum set sound effects, 3 built-in intro music's with 128 different channel sounds. Easy to use with lots of keyboard shortcuts

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Hyper Shutdown 1.3

A simple and effective timer which performs the selected action at the specified time.
Support actions are : Shutdown, Restart, Logoff, Hibernate, Standby, Lock PC, Alarm & Message.

Optionally, It can also forcefully terminate all running processes before performing the selected action.
The new Alarm feature supports all popular Audio/Video formats such as mp3, wav, wma, avi, mpg files

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3 WAY Percentage Calculator 1.3

A nice freeware which Calculates the percentage in 3 different ways. You can also set the number of digits after decimal point.

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