The Internet and specifically the World Wide Web is simply the next step in the evolution of media as we know it. First, came the printing press, the origin of mass media. Then came the radio a more dynamic medium. Next came the television, a still more dynamic medium.

Now, the next step of this evolution is upon us, the Internet/World Wide Web. The Web is not only more dynamic than all of its predecessors, but it is finally dynamic AND interactive at the same time.

It encompasses all that the others are made of text, sound & video, plus it allows users to interact with the actual medium and determine what content they want to view.

Web sites can have many purposes. Some sites are designed to actively secure further business by offering e-commerce (on-line buying and selling). Others are purely a method of enabling potential clients to see what a company can offer.

The aim is to keep existing clients informed of new products or services and to give potential clients or customers sufficient information in order for them to contact your company. The sites are full of information and content to attract and retain visitors. Maybe you want a site to keep in touch with friends or family who live abroad, or to show off your hobby, sport or craft.

Benefits of having a website »

It takes time to learn how to use the Internet to promote a particular business. By starting now you will be ready for the Internet-wise generation that is soon to be leaving school, finding jobs, and looking for ways to spend their money

Depending on functionality, number of pages, products, services and design, a normal website can cost you about 6000/- to 25500/- Rupees. The Price includes everything to get your website online and there is no hidden cost at all.

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